Control & Traverse Survey

Control surveys provide horizontal and vertical positions of points to which supplementary surveys are adjusted. Control surveys provide the standard of accuracy for subsequent and subordinate surveys to attain. The purpose of the traverse is to locate the unknown points relative to each other and to locate all points within the traverse relative to a common grid. Three elements of starting data are needed. They are the coordinates and height of a starting point and azimuth to a visible azimuth mark.

A traverse consists of a series of lines, whose lengths and directions are measured, connecting points whose positions are to be determined. A traverse may be either open or closed.

CONTROL SURVEYS provide “basic control” or horizontal and vertical positions of points to which supplementary surveys are adjusted. Control Points are conducted to provide geographic positions and plane coordinates of triangulation and traverse stations and the elevations of benchmarks. These control points are further used as references for hydrographic surveys of the coastal waters; for topographic control; and for the control of many states, city, and private surveys. An accurately surveyed coordinate location for a physical feature that can be identified on the ground. Control points are used in least-squares adjustments as the basis for improving the spatial accuracy of all other points to which they are connected. We use this collected data for quality checking and future reference, as well we deliver this for infrastructure projects.

Professional support:

For collecting field data we provide the experienced surveyor with a total station instrument or DGPS.

For processing the raw data you will be assisted with software experts to deliver the final output in your desired way.

What we Provide

What we provide:

  • 2D AutoCAD DWG file (3D available on request)
  • PDF of digital data
  • Water & sewer plan
  • Cadastral plan

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