Field Density Test Apparatus

Soil field density test measures the relative density of soil that has been compacted using compacting equipment and the result of this test is expressed in %. This relative density is measured by comparing the maximum dry density obtained from the field test with the maximum dry density of the laboratory test as a standard reference.

Prepare the surface of the location to be tested so that it is a level plane. Keep the soil tray firmly on the place surface. Excavate with hand tools a hole with diameter equal to that of the hole of the plate and about 10cm in depth with smooth walls and rounded bottom edges. Place all loosened soil in a container being careful to avoid losing any material. Seat the already weighed apparatus with sand on the hole of the tray. Open the valve and after the sand has stopped flowing close the valve. Weigh the apparatus with remaining sand and determine the weight of sand occupying the cavity. Weigh the material that was removed from the test hole. Mix the material thoroughly and weigh a representative sample for moisture determination. Dry and weigh the sample to determine moisture content.

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