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Successful Urban Planning is a combination of a good understanding of the local, state, and national legislation, use of modern technology for land profiling and surveying, and an excellent team of engineers to design the plan. We use a combination of these is applied meticulously which allows us to deliver quality services. We have an excellent track record for surveying individual properties in Andhra Pradesh and New Delhi.

You would need a volume Survey because:

For Development of web-based Land Regularization with GIS Mapping.

For land use land cover data in town planning departments.

In the calculation of unauthorized properties or colonies in metro cities.

Professional support:

Any GIS mapping works that require a 10cm accuracy DGPS instrument are used for setting GPS coordinates as TBM and then the survey is carried out with a Total station instrument by shifting the TBM. Then the raw data from Total stations in processed using different GIS software and output is delivered in the client’s desired format.

For low precision applications are also used which reduces time and cost.

What we Provide

  • As required by the client projected files of the properties in any of his required GIS software.
  • Hard copies of data collected.

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We successfully carried out and completed Delhi development authorities, Geo-tagging, and property survey under LRM Consultant, Lucknow.

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