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Land Surveys combines the latest in surveying technology with highly skilled staff to deliver cost-effective, high accuracy surveys in both hardcopy and digital mediums, tailored to meet your requirements.

Our Contour Surveys also known as Site Surveys, Feature Topographic Surveys, detail all noteworthy features relevant to a particular site. We include positions of buildings, trees, sewerage, draining, communication pits, roads, driveways, special features, and levels across the property. This survey can be used as the base plan for your subdivision design to maximize lot yield.

You would need a Contour/Feature/Topographic Survey because:

  • It is the starting point when planning a new land development or construction, whether residential or commercial
  • To maximize your lot yield
  • Councils, architects, engineers, and builders use Contour/Site Surveys to assist in building applications, landscaping designs, and subdivision proposals
  • A professionally drafted plan records all the noteworthy features on a property
  • A successful project requires an accurate, informative and well-presented plan


The professionally drafted plan’s record:

  • Terrain levels (AHD or arbitrary)
  • Contours at 0.5m intervals (or as required)
  • Building footprint and floor levels
  • Utility services (drainage, gas, power, sewer, phone, water, etc)
  • Adjacent property details and floor levels
  • Street and verge features (crossovers, curbs, footpaths, etc)
  • Trees and vegetation
  • Fences (types, heights, and condition)
  • Walls (types, heights)
  • Boundary information and easements
  • Other existing and noteworthy structures

If you need an expert to advise you on your best land use options and someone to assist you through the entire development process, contact our Land Development Team

What we Provide

What we provide:

  • 2D AutoCAD DWG file (3D available on request)
  • PDF of digital data
  • Water & sewer plan
  • Cadastral plan

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